Our school

Principals Message

Ngā mi’i nui ki a koutou ki te w’ānau o Avon,

Welcome to Avon School. My name is Rik Allen and I have the pleasure of being the tumuaki / principal of Avon School.

At Avon School we are proud of our ‘people first’ culture where all are valued and needs are met. Our teachers work hard to provide teaching and learning programmes which meet the needs of our students.Students achieve their potential when the culture of the school is positive and happy, and where we all work collaboratively towards a shared vision.

Inclusive schools, with a positive culture, provide the best learning opportunities. There must be a sense of fun and enjoyment at school whilst incorporating learning programmes that meet the needs of all students. At our school we work together to maintain a safe, secure learning and social environment where behaviour expectations are clearly communicated in a restorative way.

Teachers at Avon School have ongoing professional learning opportunities that will inform and guide their teaching practise. It is important that we are skilled to meet the needs of all cultures in our school.

We have an open door policy and I am proactive in establishing effective communication channels with all stakeholders. Please come and talk to me if you are interested in enrolling your child. I enjoy meeting with wnau and finding ways we can work together to provide your child with education opportunities that ensure they can be successful at Avon School.

Ngā mi’i ma’ana

Rik Allen