Term 1 2024

                           Our Highlights!

Beach ED

We had three groups and learnt about the different roles a life guard has, and all the resources they have to do their jobs: first aid, life saving in the water, and keeping fit to be ready when their skills are needed!

We saw the first aid room, the paddle boards and canoes, the IRB, the tower and the surf club. 

We got to go out into the water and learnt about how changeable the tide can be. We saw a rip and when we looked back at the flags the tide had dragged us across the beach by over a meter, we have to have adults with us to keep us safe. We now know why we don't swim alone!

Fun on the sand

Oh it's a bit chilly

In the surf

Our next life guards

We learn how to use the tools carefully and plan our projects as a team.

Seniors technology

Our Year 7 and 8's participate in technology learning at Stratford High School at their technology center.

We are learning how to code to create a digital game. We are also making a plaque for either whānau or ourselves using a hot poker and wood or with the laser cutter.

Creating a rollercoaster

Lots of cardboard to choose from!

Marble test

Preparing my plaque

our Maara

We were so lucky to have a whānau look after our kura during the holidays and they were able to water our gardens and keep an eye on everything.

We harvested veges (lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, corn, beetroot and spinach) for our kaumatua and our tamariki have been enjoying picking and eating the peas straight from the maara kai!

Check out our Enviro journey page to see the learning so far this term!

Enviro Journey Page